Attention to the Spotlites community: It has been a pleasure to have you as part of our Spotlites community -
thank you for your support. We are sad to say this platform will soon be closed on April 30, at which time all websites
hosted by Spotlites will be inaccessible. We have concluded the ability to sign-up for new Spotlites accounts, but
please be aware that existing sites will be affected by and included in this closure. Until April 30, current Spotlites
users will still be able to access and update their account, but after this date all content will be removed. Please take
the necessary steps to redirect your domain to another server, and/or to save your content elsewhere. Should you have any
urgent questions, please contact us

How it works

Mobile Site

Spotlites use responsive design, so no matter what screen size or technology you have, it'll always display nicely.

Rich Media Banners

The simplest way to create dynamic banner content - test and change your creative in seconds.

YouTube Brand Channel

One of the best places for brands to house campaigns - and Spotlites makes it easy and quick to deploy.

Facebook Page Tab

Fish where the fish are and take your whole campaign to Facebook with our one-click installer.


You can embed Spotlites as part of your brand website or use it to build a whole campaign site. Or do both.

Content distribution made simple. Make it easy for your brand to create real-time, social campaigns for the web. Spotlites allow you to distribute dynamic content to your current website, microsite, mobile, Facebook page and more, all in a matter of seconds. Manage your entire brand presence online from one destination.

Some Examples

  • McDonald's

    The campaign let consumers and the brand have a real-time conversation about the food and practices of the company. Launched in less than three weeks, Spotlites provided a rich digital ecosystem outside their current website and distributed the campaign content and functionality all around the web.

  • Digital Arts Network

    Showcasing the breadth and depth of all the work TBWA's global digital network has to offer was an interesting design challenge. Spotlites were used in tile based layout to let the visitor be immediately immersed in content. It also featured a gallery of the people leading the network and an aggregation of their social content from around the web, which makes the Spotlite vibrant and ever changing.

  • Nissan

    Creating a campaign about one of the most powerful cars on the planet in 14 languages and over 30+ markets would under normal circumstances require a small army of people to manage. Spotlites allowed Nissan to distribute content quicker and easier than ever before.

  • Michelin

    We envisioned the digital presence of this Michelin product to be dispersed across multiple venues, all the way from web properties to retail environments on smart phones and tablets. This allows the brand to see web-level analytics from the store floor.

  • Remedy Games

    One thing game studios have is good content. Remedy Games was overwhelmed with all the places they needed to push their content to, ranging from facebook to fan-outreach. They were more than happy to let Spotlites take care of some of the heavy lifting.

The Problems

  • No time left

    Only a few weeks or days left and you need to launch a digital campaign in multiple channels? Spotlites is the quickest way of deploying and updating campaigns online.

  • Burned through the budget

    Does it feel like most of the money spent online goes into building some invisible technology that your audience will never see? We let you invest in the content, not the plumbing.

  • Too many channels

    The number of destinations you need to be in is becoming taxing for even the largest of brands. Develop once, deploy anywhere. Spotlites takes care of channel fragmentation.

Our Solution

Make your whole campaign shareable

Instead of sharing just one asset, like a video, let your fans share the whole thing with a Spotlite.

Save in production costs

No need to build a Facebook app, YouTube brand page masthead, or even a mobile site, as Spotlites works across multiple platforms.

Integrate with ease

We play nicely with most web properties, so integration on top of existing platforms or virtually any analytics framework is not an issue.

Coding strictly optional

You don't need to know how to program in order to use Spotlites, but you can build your own additions to the Spotlite if you want.

Control your brand in real-time

Whatever changes you make to your Spotlite, it is instantaneously updated anywhere and everywhere it is placed.

One interface for all destinations

Spotlites lets you focus on what matters - content your brand wants to publish and people you want to reach.